UltraHotel – Single Hotel Application with Rooms, Gallery, Map & Booking System


The Purpose of this application is that you will find all details of Hotel. With this application you will create your hotel application. It makes very easy to check all details of hotel based on your needs. The application is specially optimized to be extremely easy to configure and detailed documentation is provided.

Android Side

  • Login/Registration features
  • Manage profile feature
  • Get location Of hotel
  • Faq and contact us form
  • Room amenities list
  • Hotel facilities list
  • Room detail with price
  • Hotel social media link option
  • Room image gallery with zoom feature
  • User can write review and see review given by another user
  • User can book rooms and email sent to user and hotel
  • Room Booking System
  • Payment Gateway(Paypal,Stripe,RazorPay)
  • Latest navigationview
  • Rate app,more app and share App
  • Latest ui with material design
  • All device combability
  • Check network availability
  • OneSignal push notification
  • Admob Ads (Banner/Interstitial/Native)
  • Facebook Ads (Banner/Interstitial/Native)
  • StartIO/StartApp Ads (Banner/Interstitial/Native)
  • Applovin Ads (Banner/Interstitial/Native)
  • Wortise Ads (Banner/Interstitial/Native)

Admin Side

  • Bootstrap 100% Responsive Design
  • Easy Installation
  • User-Friendly Dashboard (Graph Analytics)
  • Manage Categories
  • Manage Rooms
  • Manage Gallery
  • Manage Home Banner
  • Manage Users
  • Manage Room Booking
  • Manage Contact
  • Manage SMTP Settings
  • App Settings Manage from Admin
  • Manage Notification and Notification Settings

Additional information



Software Framework

PHP, MySQL, WordPress, Native Java, Android

Hosting Space


Hosting Server

Cloud Linux