Skilleta – Online Examination and Quiz System


This is an online examination software and assessment tool that assists educational institutions and corporate companies in creating and conducting web and mobile-based exams.

Main Features

  • Supports Multiple Exam Types – Practice Sets, Quizzes & Exams
  • Adaptive Learning Experience using Practice Sets, Lessons & Videos.
  • Conduct Live Quizzes using Quiz Scheduler
  • Supports 7 Types of Questions including MCQs, Matching, Blanks, Ordering & Short Answer
  • Supports Audio, Video, Comprehension, Image, Equation & Tabular Attachments.
  • User Reward Points System.
  • Restrict User to Single Session to prevent malpractice
  • Restrict content and earn with customized plans.
  • Razorpay payment gateway
  • Bank transfers and approvals.
  • Manually add users to subscription.
  • RTL & Translation ready.

Additional information


Software Framework

PHP, MySQL, Laravel, Native Java, Android

Hosting Space


Hosting Server

Cloud Linux