Tunato – AMC and Customer Service Call/Complaint Management Application


AMC management software keeps track of all the information related to contract with multiple product. You can track expiry date of AMC, EMI payment of AMC, due date of payment, track customers’ call and much more.

This online based AMC and Call Management Software will send notifications to the clients to renew AMC when your AMC is getting expired. Under the contract, products provide service to customers from taking complaint management, email, warranty management, call management and SMS sender which is a very important aspect of customer relationship management. Even your technician can close a call onsite and create digitally field report.


  1. Admin Dashboard
    1. Add New Customer
    2. Write Custom Any Notes Against Customer Date Wise
    3. Customer Overview ( All Report At A Glance )
      1. Customer Active / Expired AMC
      2. Customer Upcoming Service Date
      3. Customer Total Business Amount
      4. Last Payment Received Amount and Date
      5. Net Due Amount As On Today
    4. Add Multiple Site/Location Per Customer
    5. Add New Executive (Service Engg.)
    6. Add New Product
      1. Product Group
      2. Product Model
      3. Product Serial
      4. Product Master
    7. Add AMC Terms And Conditions (Multiple)
    8. AMC Quotation
      1. Add New Quotation
      2. Assign Terms and Condition
      3. View Quotation Details
      4. Track if any AMC is generated against Quotation or not.
      5. Print Quotation
    9. Warranty
      1. Issue New Warranty Card To Customer
      2. Multiple Product (Product Serial Wise) Based Warranty
      3. Detail Report Of Issued Warranty Card
      4. Expired And Running Warranty Cards
      5. Issue New AMC Against Any Warranty Card
    10. AMC Management System
      1. Three Types Of AMC
      2. AMC Against Warranty Card
      3. Product Based AMC (No Warranty Card)
      4. Service Based AMC (No Warranty Card And Without Product)
      5. Issue New AMC Against Existing Warranty Card
      6. Auto Detect Of Products Which Were Under Warranty Card
      7. Add Multiple Products In Product Based AMC
      8. Generate Service Schedule Dates Based On AMC Start And End Date
      9. Multiple AMC Service Dates
      10. AMC Payable Amount
      11. AMC EMI Schedule Payment (Multiple Installment Date)
      12. AMC Renewal Against Expired AMC
    11. AMC Report
      1. All AMC Report
      2. AMC With Warranty Card Report
      3. Product Based AMC Without Warranty Card Report
      4. Service Based AMC Without Warranty Card Report
      5. Detail Report Of Individual AMC
      6. Renewed AMCs Report
      7. Print AMC Bill
      8. Active/Running AMCs Report
      9. Expired But Not Renewed AMCs Report
      10. No AMC Issued To Any Customers Yet Report
      11. Delete AMC
      12. Detailed Report Of Renewed And Not-Renewed AMCs
    12. Service Call/Complain Management System
      1. Add New Call Type I.E. Breakdown Call, Service Call, Casual Call Etc.
      2. Log New Call/Complaint
      3. Call Logging Against AMC And Subsequent Service Date
      4. Out Of AMC Call Logging (For Guest Call Logging)
      5. Out Of Service Date Call Logging
      6. Product Wise Call Logging
      7. Assign Call To Any Executive
      8. Handover Call To Any Other Executive
      9. Four Types Of Call Statuses Which Are Performed Automatically
        1. Vacant – Service Call Dates Generated At The Time Of AMC Issued, But No Executive Is Assigned.
        2. Assigned – New Call Logged Against Service Call Date And Assigned To Any Executive
        3. Attended – Executive Attended Customer’s Site
        4. Solved – Call Solved And Closed.
      10. Update Call Record
      11. Allocate Products/Parts If Used During The Call Attend At Customer Site.
      12. Receive Call From Customers And Assign It To Executive
      13. Generate Bill Against Call / Complaint (Admin Can Generate Bill Against Call. I.E. ‘Free Service Call’ And ‘Paid Service Call’
    13. Call/Complaint Report
      1. Call from Customer Report
      2. Detail Call Log Report
      3. All Out Of Service Date Call Report
      4. All Service Date Call Report
      5. All Call From Customers Report
      6. Customer Wise Call Report
        1. By Logged Calls
        2. By Out Of Service Date Calls
        3. Service Date Calls
      7. Call Status Wise Report (Auto Generated)
        1. Vacant Calls
        2. Assigned Calls
        3. Attended By Executive Calls
        4. Solved / Closed Calls
      8. Call Bills Records
    14. Receipt
      1. Receipt Against AMC
      2. Receipt Against Call Bill
    15. Receipt Report
      1. Customer Wise Receipt Report
      2. Receivable Follow-up to customers
      3. Pending Receivables from customers
      4. Fully Received from customer
      5. Payment Overdue from customer
      6. Month-wise Receipt
    16. Send Email Reminder to customers whose AMC are going to be expired
    17. Conversation with Customer (Facebook Messenger Integrated)
    18. Customer Can log call and check call status from customer portal

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