ProperLoan- NBFC Finance Mortgage Startup sourcing Loans/Credit Cards


The world’s first neutral online marketplace for instant customized rate quotes on loans and credit cards. Shop for loans & cards just like you buy everything else now – online.

Provides the following services directly and from other banks:

  • Home Loan
  • Personal Loan
  • Car Loan
  • Used Car Loan
  • Credit Card


1. Generate leads for Loans on the website.
2. Get DSA income by referring customers to bank.
3. Lend money directly to the customers on high-interest rate.
4. Friendly User Interface
5. Manage Borrowers Personal/Financial information

  • Add/Remove or search borrower fast
  • can upload Borrower’s photo
  • Can import/upload Borrower(s) from CSV/Excel

6. Manage different kinds of Loans

  • can set terms, interest rate, schedule of payments etc.

7. Loan servicing

  • Add new loan application
  • Search loans fast
  • Automatically determines matured and overdue Debts
  • Print Payment Schedule in PDF format
  • Print Disclosure in PDF format
  • Support Multiple loans for one borrower

8. Manage and Receive Payments

  • Simple and easy to add new payments
  • Can check borrower’s debt balance instantly

9. Manage Employees access level and information

  • Add/remove employee
  • can upload employee photo

10. Easy to manage using Webview Android app
11. Multi currency support
12. Email Templating
13. Email Messaging support
14. Support different timezone

Additional information


Software Framework

PHP, MySQL, WordPress, CodeIgniter, Native Java, Android

Hosting Space


Hosting Server

Cloud Linux



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