For Sale: Innovative fintech banking company in Spain


Established 4 years
Employees 25
Legal Entity Private Limited Company
Reported Sales  EUR 12.4 million
Run Rate Sales  EUR 16 million
EBITDA Margin  33 %
Industries Fintech
Locations Barcelona, Spain

Our business is an innovative fintech banking company that is registered in Barcelona, Spain. We have our headquarters in Madrid and virtual offices in Barcelona, Estonia, and Bulgaria. We aim to bridge traditional money with digital currencies and provide our customers with a fully regulated banking experience that includes money transfer and payment gateway.

Products and Services:

We offer a range of digital finance and banking solutions, including Euro Wallet, International and National money transfer, Mastercard, Crypto Wallet, Currency Exchange, Interest-based Crypto Deposits, and Merchant Payment Gateway Solutions.


We have a valid license from the UK Electronic Money Institution, which enables us to offer our services to customers.


We charge a commission from our customers for each transaction.


With the right financing, our growth rate can reach 300% per year, and we plan to continue our expansion into new geographic markets and invest in ongoing R&D.


Our team includes amazing technology experts and a seasoned founding managerial team with decades of experience in finance, marketing, risk management, and cybersecurity.


We own furniture, computers, laptops, website, and the required permits to operate our business.


We have chosen not to disclose our capitalization information at this time.

This is a well-supported business opportunity with a substantial serviceable market, obtainable market share, and immense growth potential.


Asking Price: EUR 50,000,000 (EUR 50 million)

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Private Limited

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